Bands, How to Get Gigs


    Bands, how to get gigs


    It can be a daunting experience looking for gigs so here are a few tips from my own experience on the best way to go about it.

    The most obvious method is messaging venues or promoters asking for slots and this does work to some extent. You will get the odd slot but it can take time and effort and you may not hear back at all. The most effective method is working with other bands or artists – it’s simply about making connections.


    Do some research

    If there are bands you would be suited to gig with, find out where they play and get in touch with the promoters for that venue. Failing that just ask the bands - a nice email asking for advice in my experience is always welcomed by other bands. Put on your own shows This way you can offer gig swaps to bands from outside your city and mould the show into what best reflects your style of music. If people are fans of the bands you're putting on, they'll probably enjoy you too.


    We set up a three-day festival last year across a couple of venues and invited bands from all over the UK, as well as Japan, to come play. The response was great because there was a similar energy to all the artists we chose. The main downside is if you need to hire the venue but if you can set up a regular night with bands you're connected with you can share costs. With door sales and merch, you may break even. In my opinion it's not about making a profit but more about getting your music heard. 


    Gigs outside your city - again, do some research


    Find bands similar to your genre in the city you want to play. You can find out what venues they usually gig at and who the promoters of those nights are. A useful trick is changing the location on the event page to that of the city you want to gig in. You'll then be able to see a list of gigs where you can look into venues and promoters. Don't forget to change the genre to the one nearest your own.


    Once again a downside is the cost. It's not against the rules to ask for money towards travel costs and a floor to sleep on with your sleeping bags. If you're gig swapping with another band just make sure this is agreed both sides.


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