Check out: Cleft



    With a myriad of impressive sounds two-piece instrumental outfit Cleft prove that there's more to drum and guitar ensembles than the White Stripes.

    Hailing from Manchester, Dan (guitar) and John (drums), make up Cleft, who described in their own words are "a 2-piece turbo-prog band that makes massive, dirty noises".

    Their recent release Whale Bone comprises five tracks of stellar riffs with enough ferocity to turn the heads of math-rock fans.

    The EP is inspired by comedian Stewart Lee’s comedy routine about controversial football commentator Jimmy Hill. The artwork features Lee swinging a whale bone at Hill, a presenter notable for his large chin.

    Their live performance on stage lives up to their recordings and it is amazing to see so much power and precision that can come from two guys. You can check them out for yourselves as they return to play NEWPATH early next year.

    // Stephen Johnston

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