Mental Architects - Live at Gambrinus Pub

    Mental Architects - Live at Gambrinus Pub
    Bulgarian Math rock trio, Mental Architects, offer us a real treat with this live release recorded in a pub in Romania.

    I don't tend to listen to many live recordings for some reason but I couldn't resist this 'Christmas Present' from the band. It's really cool to have this kind of insight into a show that may as well have been a million miles away (well Google maps says about 1,600 miles).

    The musicianship is on top form throughout, with soaring riffs and pounding drums really building up epic energy from start to finish. There's everything you'd expect from a band at the top of their game in this genre, as well as a few surprises. 'Caves Of Keys' is a beast of a track and a personal favourite.

    This is a free download and those familiar with the likes of And So I Watch You From Afar and Alright the Captain will find something of value here so go grab it.

    // Stephen Johnston

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