Newpath Event

      The monthly NewPath night in Liverpool showcases alternative music with a unique line-up of bands and an awesome playlist. Fans of experimental sounds from post-rock and math-rock to electronic music will love this night.

      Our next event will be at MelloMello on Saturday, June 30, which will see Fonetiks headlining the night, supported by Alright the Captain, A-tota-so and Kusanagi.

      Fonetiks are a three-piece electronic rock band from Liverpool who use visuals and sampling to create an intense live set. 

      A-tota-so are a two-piece experimental math-rock band from Derby who combine intricate drumming with looped guitars to produce a hypnotic set.

      Kusanagi are a new four-piece post-rock band from Liverpool with a penchant for playing loud instrumental music.

      Alright the Captain are a math rock trio from Northern Ireland, Birmingham and Ilkeston famed for their exhilarating live shows.

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