Photos from NewPath - Fonetiks, Alright the Captain and A-Tota-So

    Alright the Captain
    30th June



    Newpath Live sees the return of the dedicated post-rock night, Liverpool's own live music night combining touring and local bands in the setting of Mello Mello, one of the cities best music venues.


    FONETIKS are fast becoming one of Liverpool's favourite bands. With their striking visuals, awe-inspiring live set-up. Their almost heavy metal rhythms and assortment of electric glitches, buzzes and soaring synth effects. This three piece are a band that combine a slither of classic rock with a massive dollop of technology.

    Largely instrumental, rare vocal parts disperse the riffs and rhythms at intervals, these are also effects laden. Everything is looped, delayed, twisted and overdubbed to give the depth of a thousand musicians. A perfect headline act for the return of Newpath Live, dazzling light show and music to match, left everybody amazed and impressed. The sky is the limit for Fonetiks.


    ALRIGHT THE CAPTAIN, despite the name have little to do with nautical adventures. They are ALL about the math, the rock and the sound. Bass heavy and displayed poster artist tonight Todd messes with the boundaries of the bass guitar, dancing between Whammy, strobe, delay and about ten other pedals as he traverses the stage. Captivating and mesmerising, and that is just the performance.

    Derby's ATC have won over many of the Liverpool fraternity of post/math experimental rock with their riff-heavy songs. Guitarman Marty's tireless work ethic transpires into the band's endless touring of UK and Europe. A band that is spreading their wings further afield with each tour. It's easy to see why they are recognised widely as one of the most enjoyable up and coming live bands in the UK currently.


    KUSANAGI have a Japanese name yet the members hail from Liverpool and surrounding areas. They come together to produce spectacular emotive rock that touches everyone in the venue in some way. The audience is visibly moved by the delicate and thoughtful songwriting. Each song has a start, middle and end.

    The instrumentals conjure up inspiration and reek of potential. This only their fifth gig, they are arguably the most captivating band of the evening. One to definitely look out for at Newpath August.


    A-TOTA-SO are the opening act that set the night up perfectly with the guitar, drum duo of Alright The Captain. It\s a Buttonpusher special with two of the Derby post-rock bands performing and A-Tota-So delight with quirky rhythms.

    Only a smidgeon of the power of what is to come from the other bands they warm the air with what proved to be a well-suited line-up and a great night of post-rock.


    Taken from the Newpath playlist 30/06/12


    Alpha Male Tea Party - Depressingly Shit Lunchtime Sandwich

    Battles - Sweetie & Shag

    Boards Of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy

    Can - Vitamin C

    capac - Circle, Yes

    Cocteau Twins - Lorelei

    Crystal Castles - Courtship Dating

    Daft Punk  - Derezzed

    David Bowie - Look Back In Anger

    Dead Sea Apes - Bikini Atoll

    Explosions in the Sky - Your Hand in Mine

    Muto Leo - Glass

    Talk Talk - I Believe in You

    The Firece & the Dead - 666...6

    The Who - Baba O"riley

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